Snapchat adds public search option

Search for over one million stories - Snapchat

On Friday, Snap Inc. announced that a new search tool would be added to their Snapchat messaging app for its users to search for over one million stories as they claim, users would be able to browse through photos and videos known as snaps that have been posted to the public Our Story feed.

Using “advanced machine learning” its users can browse for anything from popular music events and places to even puppies with only a few

So when you are tired of viewing your friend’s snaps, you can easily search for Snapchat stories around a particular theme as long as there are enough users creating snaps there at the time.

At some point when the search tool is improved, you could be able to search for snaps by including just the music background or a caption.

But for now, Snapchat is testing this new feature on a few cities in the US before everyone gets a chance to use it.

This new feature seems like a positive change for the Snap Inc. as their closest rival Facebook Inc has increased its efforts to encourage its users on Facebook, Instagram and What’s app to take more photos and edit them with digital stickers which is clearly inspired by Snapchat.

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